Tell Them To Safe Ship It!

How To Use Our Service:

To use our service is simple. Just send us ( pictures of the item you wish to sell on our website, the price you would like it to be sold for, and the weight to determine shipping cost and we will post it on our site. Then the buyer pays up front and we will hold the payment until we have received the item and inspected it as far as the customer would like us to.Then we would pay the seller.

Make Sure to be very detailed in how far you would like us to go into the inspection process. Would you like us to open the package, weight of it or just make sure it arrives.

If you already have a Deal In Progress and do not wish to post the item on the site. Send the item pictures, pacific's what to look for, weight, your address & the sellers address  to ( with D.I.P. in the subject. Do those few steps and we would be of service to you and would invoice you for the payment.


There is a $5 service fee that will be added in the customer shipping cost and also their will be a $5  fee deducted from the sellers pay. Therefore be mindful of the amount you post your item for. After we have verified the item and the customer does not wish to receive it, then the customer would just pay for the shipping and money would be refunded back.


Your first and last name, phone number and e-mail will be needed to contact you, to let you know that your item was bought. We would also need your address to send you your check, if not we do offer paypal. Please specify your payment option.


If your items is over 24lbs you must let us know before posting it on the website.

Our Warehouse Address:

7905 Colgate Ave Cleveland, OH 44102